The blogger

My name is Herm Baskerville, sometimes seen under the handle Suitov. I’m an English individual who spends most of eir time around computers, enjoys reading and the occasional poem and loves dogs, whether the garden variety or the legendary and supernatural sort.

My day job is web-related, relatively junior, mostly research and administration. The views expressed in my blog are my own, not my employer’s.

Topics here may include animals, Asperger’s syndrome, asexuality, atheism, computer- and web-related topics, dogs, dyspraxia, news commentary, red pandas and my writing exploits, many of which take place at Profusion, the writing-roleplay community I run. I also have an Obligatory Unpublished Fantasy Novel as a point of pride, and grand plans to spawn another. I have a Twitter account for close friends.

I am incapable of being entirely serious for any significant length of time.

Expertise & qualifications

  • Time Man of the Year, 2006
  • Authorised Pope (Discordianism)
  • Twice-ordained minister (First Church of Atheism; Universal Life Church)

Selected achievements

The blog

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