The BEST new telly format EVER enGENDERED.

Inspired by @spellingwitch2’s (understandably) furious tweets about “Bridalplasty”, the new TTLY AWESOME show on E!1, I have come up with the next killer format.

@Suitov: @spellingwitch2 I’ve had an even greater idea!1! It’ll be called Last Trans Standing. The winner gets their gender reassignment paid for! #
@spellingwitch2: @suitov OMG. If they hear that they will probably take you up on it. That’s more like a medical procedure though. #
@Suitov: @spellingwitch2 Yes it is, but don’t worry, the challenges will be so humiliating that only the truly self-hating and shameless will win. #
@Suitov: @spellingwitch2 And to make sure we show no semblance of sensitivity, the presenter shall be a drag queen! I will elevator-pitch this now!1! #

This consititutes my official claim to this idea which is an AWESOME idea and this blog post is PROOF that I thought of it first! It is © FOR EVER and I want 50% royalties when it is made and subsequently inevitably voted the best telly format ever engendered.

1 So ttly awesome, in fact, that E! Online’s own link to it doesn’t work, or else I would supply it. A related page.

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