Featuring guess what – a girl holding a cute animal!!! :O

In this case, Snog’s Helmine.

See, there was a little evil conference between Mutt and Anke earlier this week, which resulted in one artist and one hound both doing something based on the idea of desert foxes for Snoggie’s birthday.

(Here’s Anke’s. It’s not the same fox, or the same Fochs.)

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Epic painting spree!

My birthday present to Anke: only 10 days late, and boy were those 10 days busy. With painting. And occasional leaf-collecting. And work. But mainly painting.

She likes it. :D squee

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Quick(?) pic for art exchange

A rush job, but I still ended up spending 2 hours plus change on this.

Here’s Silas the cougar gunslinger, drawn as Irvine from Final Fantasy. The ‘character’ (“a cougar type gunslinger from the wild west. Haven’t developed him much yet, but he does have a penchant for dusters and cowboy hats”) belongs to Treads-the-Path.

If you like mountain lion/cougar/Puma concolor, here’s a poem about a different one.

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Quoted for truth

(I don’t like the whole “servants” bit. That’s monkeycentrist spin. We’re partners.)

The Gwyllgi will haunt your dreams. It, and its Dark Age cousin Cwn Anwn (the old Welsh underworld hounds) and Bythead y Fall (the Evil Hound), are all part of ancient Welsh myth and legend: but are more than myth – they are FACT! Look ’em up in the Sources. The Mabinogi relate tales about them going back 1,500 years. They are part of our Celtic heritage going back 3,000 years, long before Christ was born. They are our pagan deities, the servants of Rhiannon, Epona, Cornunos and the other true Welsh pagan gods. Our streams, lakes and woodland are their homes, the craggy mountains of Eryri and the broad open ranges of Hiraethog their spiritual homelands. Stone circles and menhirs, forsaken by our new Christianity forsook them; relegated them into the darkness of civilisation. But they remain, worshipped by their servants; adored by their handmaidens and revered by their true believers. Their day will come. The true religion of our forefathers will return and stand proud over the ruins of Christianity, Islam, and all other modern religions. Behold; the day of GWYLLGI will come!
Pen Dafad, Denbigh, Thu Nov 29 08:34:04 2007

From this page.

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Prince Kristoff tweaked

I did tweak the picture. It’s more thoroughly shaded now. I really am rubbish at shading. :D I fixed everything except one detail that I couldn’t face (it was laaate… well, early, and it would’ve involved fudging some fabric folds, and just no. I draw cute quadrupedal animals for a reason, dammit, and that reason is the evil that is textiles).

Salk really liked it, I think. But I really really have to get faster at this. I’m learning stuff each time, but I wish I could dash stuff off in an hour or two.

I have lyrics to finish for something else, and I’ve completely neglected my poetry (I was going to write one a week; it’s September and I think I’ve written about 15 altogether this year). But it’s all Something Creative, so all interchangeable… Except for prose writing, which I take seriously.

DragonForce tonight! I came into work in The Coat for the occasion. I like my The Coat. I wear the black walking boots and fingerless gloves every day anyway, but today it was the leather pair; biker rather than hobo.

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Kristof and Than

Whoo boy. Finished, sort of! (800×600, 200KB)

This is another one for the Jack forum art exchange. Kristof and Than (panther and raccoon, respectively) belong to their creator, Salkafar. I’d link to his gallery… except it’s NSFW.

[There are a couple of places is now a list of 14 15 things I might fix.] (I did.) For now, I’m tired and need to set off for work.

Hey, any film fans, please will you tell me if the background is recognisable?

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Gratuitous cute post

I was going to work on some artwork. Instead, I did some other artwork. Procrastination FTW!

WARNING: contains gratuitous CUTE (400x600px, 86kb)

Anke’s fault.

And I know the shading and so on is rushed, because I wanted something I could do at a sitting. To begin with I wasn’t planning to shade it at all, so anything more is a bonus. :P I used SO many reference pictures here, including for the outfit and character reference sheets from Anke’s gallery. (The other figure in the picture is her Sylvie.)

I must stop drawing girls holding cute animals before I get typecast. (Tabletcast?)

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Lots of pictures of Weft as a furry

I just realised I never posted these after all. You should’ve reminded me, guys!

For those who haven’t been watching long, I received these pictures after winning the art exchange on the “Jack” webcomic’s fan forum with my picture of SwarmCrow. I worked hard on the picture and was delighted to win. Since all the members are furry artists, for my turn I asked for Weft drawn as a Tonkinese.

Here are all BUT ONE of the images I received of Weft-as-Tonkinese-furry.

(The BUT ONE is a Third Picture™ by Salkafar, and thus NSFW. Salkafar is the resident furvert on the art exchange and likes to draw all the entrants in bondage gear.)

Special mention to Skurvy. Damn, dude. My soulful little self-loathing killer never looked so huggable.

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Writingstuff: draft of section of Wefty monastic rule

In working out what mental gymnastics Weft needs to go through in order to reply to a question, I got down to first principles. Here’s the first draft of my workings. St Benedict, that old advocate of whipping young boys, was a little helpful in this case, though my general reading and absorption over the last few years working in religion was probably moreso. The Mercies have a lot of (the sensible bits of!) Islamic attitude in the mix, and even some ideas from religions of more recent mainstream recognition.

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Latest artistic extravaganza!

For the Jack forum art exchange. Prof Hunnydew requested blind dates of their character with the entrants’ various characters. So, of course, I put in my favourite of all.

The oddest of odd couples – full picture and text behind cut.

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More cat!

A picture of Piper doing what he does best, or at least most enthusiastically, apart from eating.

Very rough sketch in between drawing something a little more sensible.

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#17, I Want a Dog

I Want a Dog

There’s a hole
in my soul
in the shape of a Schnauz
er and thus
I will fuss
and perform lots of pouts.
There’s a gap
in my lap
that would fit a retriev
er; my knees
won’t appease
this perpetual peeve.

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#16, Invinzibility

Written for “Vinzin” on the Jack art exchange board, about his character.



You wonder why I think before I speak,
and spend my moments staring at the sky
across the park or hanging by the creek;
I’m really not an extroverted guy…
My foxy eyes are seeking out a ledge,
a rail, a handhold, routes from there to here.
You wonder why I walk so near the edge?
I ever tell you how I lost this ear?
I’m plotting out the most efficient ways—
a forward flip, a roll to break my fall—
you wonder what I’m thinking while I gaze.
You cannot see the way. You see the wall.
I cannot stand restraint. I need to be:
I’m only Vinzin when I’m running free.

(Spot the evil parkour pun.)

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Photos from an amateur dog show

We went to a summer fête today. It was run by the Stockport branch of the Cats Protection League and included a dog show. (Yes, a dog show; they don’t think cat shows are kind to cats.)

Here are all my photos from the day with my notes. I had battery trouble with all the cameras I brought, so couldn’t get as many snaps of the dogs as I’ve have liked to.

(Tagged “dragons” only because of the sky picture, which is nicely blue-grey-white.)

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More 'art'! See 'art' for free here!

I Saw-Whet You Did There 800x550px, ~100KB

Because, uh, I wanted to, and I decided my last attempt at one of these sucked. A bit over three and a half hours, tablet, several photorefs of course.

My hand hurts now, so the branch and tail have has suffered from the infamous Smudge Tool. (One of the reasons, along with Ctrl+Z and a hand as steady as a blancmange with PTSD, that I won’t use traditional media.) And yes, it could be better, but there comes a point where if I stare and pat at it any more I’m scared I’ll ruin it worser.

Northern Saw-Whet Owl, Aegolius acadicus.

Edit: It was pointed out to me that the tail looked a bit rubbish, so I updated it so it isn’t as blurry.

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#15, Frequently Barked Questions

(Written for work’s newsletter.)

Frequently Barked Questions

18 July 2008

Thus far I’ve no sightings of hounds to report,
nor ominous howls in the night.
No shoes have gone missing, no threatening notes,
no relatives perished from fright.
I’ll not move to Dartmoor; I’m not keen on bogs.
A city pooch still, after all—
and I keep my address, for my housemates have baulked
at restyling it “Baskerville Hall”.

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More art!

Could’ve sworn I posted this last night at about 01:30. Distinctly remember selecting categories and typing the summary. *blinks* Oh well, I took an opportunity to give it a sneaky update this morning.

For guess whoooo! ~100KB jpg, tablet, 4 hours.

Still don’t know if I will be killed for this.

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